• Krystal Ajilore

Meet Apoorva: Our Digital Marketing Intern

Tell us a little bit about yourself and why you joined beBrave?

When I graduated university I saw in the starkest terms how the job market discriminates. I watched my peers from comfortable, middle-class backgrounds slot seamlessly into graduate schemes with prestigious companies, while those from marginalised backgrounds struggled to get their foot in the door despite having a plethora of experience and proven capabilities. I’ve always been involved in social justice activism, and so joining beBrave felt like the natural translation of these energies from student actions to the working world.

What have you learned about yourself this year?

More than anything this year has shown me how resilient I can be. Trying to finish a degree in the middle of a global pandemic isn’t easy! Writing a dissertation without access to a library or even being able to leave my house is probably one of my proudest achievements to date. This year has felt like my life, especially my professional life, has just been put on pause as all my post-graduation plans dissolved in the face of lockdowns and travel bans. It’s in these circumstances however that I’ve come to feel incredibly grateful for the network of family and friends I have around me, that can support me through these times.

It’s Friday afternoon, what’s on your Spotify playlist and what’s for lunch?

It’s embarrassing to admit, but ever since Taylor Swift dropped folklore my playlists have been full of nothing else but that on repeat. It’s especially atmospheric for these misty winter afternoons when the sun goes down at about 4pm. I’ll probably throw in some Nilüfer Yanya, Mitski and Chloe x Halle to balance things out. Lunch would ideally be something equally fitting for a cold winter's day, like rice and sambar. Sambar is a traditional south Indian dish; it’s spicy, warming, incredibly homely and soothing. It’s also one of the simplest traditional foods that I know how to make, give it a google and try for yourself!

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